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MEA Weekend: Welcome to Tel Aviv.

Hope you enjoyed last week’s 3 minute trip to Tehran. It wasn’t what you expected, right?

This week I am going to take you around my new home city, Tel Aviv. Its an amazing place.

Jerusalem is for saints, and Tel Aviv is for sinners. Its such a vibrant city that even saints would want to sin here.

Should Moses ever come back again one day, he would want to live here. In fact, Jerusalemites would have to fight him and his stick to drag him away from Tel Aviv’s vivacious night life.

Also, this place is the business center of Israel. Just imagine it “Big Mo’s Weekend Jeep trips to Cyprus”.

“But what about the Mediterranean sea?” I hear you say. Ah no problem, the special Moses package includes parting the Med for the weekend, so you can go and do your shopping and gambling for the weekend, load up your jeep with lots of duty free goodies, and return to the holy land.

From “Red Sea pedestrians” to “Med Sea Jeep trekkers” in a space of 5000 odd years. No bad ha?

Of course some members of the right wing of Israeli politics may want to convince Moses to use his magic parting skills to return parts of “Greater Israel” which may be under the sea. Knowing our luck, the fish will take Israel to the UN Security Council. Knowing Israel’s current diabolical diplomatic capabilities, we are very likely to lose against them.

So here we go, here is the city of Tel Aviv, in all her glory. Wishing you a great weekend, Meir Javedanfar


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Posted on : Apr 15 2010
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