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Tehran Stock Exchange plunges, baffling investors

Over the last two years, the Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE) has had one of the fastest growing indexes in the entire region. So fast that it has had many people baffled.

For example: why is it when Iran’s economy was in the doldrums the TSE was rising, and now that some of the sanctions are being removed its seeing historic falls?

Just what is going on?

My latest article explains.


Posted on : Jan 28 2014
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Tehran Stock Exchange’s Startling Performance

Looking for a good investment?

Tired of investing money in stock exchanges which have had less luck than US Middle East envoy George Mitchell?

Want to invest in a stock exchange whose index has grown by no less than 17% in six months?

Then the Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE) maybe for you.

The Iranian economy is going through one of its most miserable periods, yet the TSE is breaking records like never before.

Just what is going on?


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Posted on : Aug 17 2010
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