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Iraq’s Other Surge

By: Meir Javedanfar


Since the invasion of Iraq by pro US coalition forces, the issue of restoring order has been a priority. Initially, there were not sufficient soldiers to put down the insurgency. However, this situation changed after the arrival of extra US forces, who took part in what became known as the ‘surge‘.

However, the improvement of the situation in Iraq is not only down to application of extra military power. The restoration of Iraq’s energy infrastructure is also responsible for the progress made. In fact, it is a major factor.

Iraq reached a major goal last month. The Iraqi Ministry of Electricity surpassed the power generation levels that it and the Coalition set in 2004 as the benchmark for the sector’s jumpstart. With peak power production in excess of 6,000 megawatts one day last month,
Iraq generated 50% more summer peak electricity than the Saddam regime ever did.”

This excellent article by Ambassador Charles Ries, the Minister for Economic Affairs and Coordinator for Economic Transition in Iraq, in Real Clear World, explains more:

Iraq’s Electricity ‘Surge’

Posted on : Aug 27 2008
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