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Tehran’s Tap Water Could Cause Cancer

By: Meir Javedanfar


According to Iran Economist, Asghar Riyazati, the head of Tehran sewage system has declared that every year 4500 tons of nitrate enters Tehran’s sewage system. The nitrate then infiltrates water wells in the city where water is stored. The presence of nitrate at this level could cause cancer.

One of the most immediate problems noted by Riyazati is the lack of coordination and balance between construction of new water distribution systems and disposal of sewage.

What is even more surprising is that only 18% of Tehran is covered by the sewage network. (Its interesting to note that Israeli companies were involved in the design and construction of the Tehran sewage system in the 60s and 70s).

According to Riazati, without filtering, if the current situation continues, it would take 1100 years for the quality of water resources to return to their original caliber.

Noting the rise in pollution and deforestation in Iran, the environment is likely to become a more pressing issue during next year’s presidential elections in Iran.

Posted on : Nov 12 2008
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