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Israel’s Iran Debate Takes New Turn

Shaul Mofaz’s Kadima party joining Netanyahu’s coalition government is unlikely to lead to a major change in the Israeli government’s Iran policy and narrative.

Why and what will be the consequences? to find out, click below.


Posted on : May 09 2012
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East Jerusalem, not the NPT

East Jerusalem, not the NPT, is the biggest reason for the cancellation of Netanayahu’s trip to the nuclear summit.


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Posted on : Apr 09 2010
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Netanyahu and Obama: Iran vs Palestine

The threat posed by the Iranian nuclear program is one that can not be ignored.

However, failure to address the question of Palestine could turn into a bigger threat for Israel, than Iran’s bomb.

The piece below explains:


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Posted on : May 19 2009
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Israeli Elections: But What About The Economy?

While mentioning either Hamas or Iran in every other sentence, the Israeli candidates forgot to tell the Israeli electorate about that little matter called the Israeli economy.
And this is in the middle of a world economic crisis.
The piece below to which I contributed looks at this issue.


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Posted on : Feb 09 2009
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