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Debate: Nuclear Iran = End of Israel?

Who is in charge of Iran’s nuclear program?

Are Iran’s leaders messianic?

What would be the consequences for Israel, if Iran becomes armed with a nuclear bomb?

These questions are addressed by two Israel based experts (Meir Javedanfar and Efraim Inbar from Bar Ilan University) after the screening of the movie “Iranium” at the Menachem Begin Heritage Center
in Jerusalem.


With thanks to Hadar Israel Foundation for arranging the evening and discussions.

Posted on : Apr 12 2011
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Ahmadinejad’s messianic connections

Many questions have been raised about Ahmadinejad’s messianic beliefs and connections.
But the more important question to ask is: what political benefit does he gain from them?
And what impact could this have on the decision making process, if and when Iran gets its hands on a nuclear bomb?

The piece below analyzes these important questions:

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