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Possible Sign of Fraud in Iran Parliamentary Elections

So far it looks like Ahmadinejad’s rivals are doing better than him.

As expected, its unlikely that he or his allies will do well in these elections.

However there are already signs of possible fraud.

It has been reported that Ahmadinejad’s sister Parvin was defeated for the parliament seat for the city of Garmsar, in Iran’s Semnan province.

This seat is considered to be their home seat as the Ahmadinejad family are originally from the village of Aradan, a small village 26 kilometers east of Garmsar.

In Iran, locals are usually fiercely loyal to high ranking representatives from their area, even if their local politician is unpopular at national level.

This is especially true when it comes to poor, regional areas such as the Semnan province. In such remote areas, when it comes to voting, local loyalties are usually one of the most important criterias for voters.

Although Ahmadinejad is not a popular politician, the very fact that his sister was defeated in Garmsar is a valid possible sign of fraud.

Nobody expected these elections to be free or fair. However such actions by the regime show that when it comes to protecting its own interests through questionable activities, it has little regard for subtlety.

Worst still for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, is how his fortune has changed. He won by fraud in 2009. Now he could lose the little power that he has by being a victim of fraud.

Posted on : Mar 03 2012
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Iran: Lobbying, Schmoozing and Scheming

Think lobbying only happens in the West? Think again.  In Iran its a growing industry, and its repercussions could shape the future of Ahmadinejad’s next cabinet.

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Posted on : Sep 01 2009
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More motions of no confidence being considered

By: Meir Javedanfar


It looks like the removal of Kordan has watered the taste buds of Majles members for more motions of no confidence against ministers serving in the Ahmadinejad government.

The ministers who are being considered are:

  1. The Minister of Education

  2. Minister of Industry

  3. Minister of Jihad Agriculture

  4. Minister of Communication

According to Asr Iran, if one more minister is removed by motion of no confidence, then all ministers serving in the government will have to be brought before the Majles.

This is in line with article 136 of Iranian constitution, which states that if half the ministers serving in the government have been changed for any reason (be it sacking by the president or by the Majles), then all serving ministers will have to brought in front of the Majles again to seek approval for the continuation of their term.

Therefore the removal of one more minister stands before continuation or a very embarrassing and damaging defeat for Ahmadinejad’s presidency.

Will the Majles members have mercy on Ahmadinejad? That depends on what Ayatollah Khamenei tells them, and what Ahmadinejad will promise them.

Posted on : Nov 05 2008
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