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War of Words Between Iran and Israel

On this Quds day, it is worth noting that the Iranian regime is no longer content with denial of the holocaust and threats of elimination. Some senior members, such as the head of the million strong Baseej organization are now openly threatening Israelis with ethnic cleansing:

Yesterday, General Naghdi (pictured right) stated:

“We recommend to the Zionists to pack their furniture and return to their countries. And if they really insist on staying, they should know that a time will come that they will not even have time to pack their suitcases.”

This is in addition to pro – Iranian government journalists such as the London based Mahan Abedin whose publication on previous occasions has been in touch with Iranian Intelligence, warning that Iran could soon start “to strike back” against Israel. According to him, this would be in retaliation for Israel’s attacks against Iranian scientists. Abedin states, such an attack “is only a matter of time”.

The war of words from Tehran continues, with more fire added every year. The chances of reduction in tensions between the two sides has never looked dimmer.

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Posted on : Aug 26 2011
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Synagogues of Tehran

The beautiful synagogues of Tehran.
Listen to the tone of the prayer at the beginning of the clip.  Hundreds of years of living in a Shiite country has had an impact on the way we recite them.
If you didn´t know Hebrew, you’d be forgiven for thinking that someone was reading the Koran.
Ahmadinejad and his ilk come and go, but the bond of the Jewish people with Iran will be eternal.
Iran and Israel will be friends again.

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Posted on : Aug 19 2011
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Khamenei won’t support Assad to the end

Despite the closeness between the two leaders and the regimes, Syria’s president should be under no illusion: Ali Khamenei is his friend, but he will not sink with Assad’s ship.


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Posted on : Aug 14 2011
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Left For Dead

The recent demonstrations in Israel have caught many of us by surprise.

As well economic challenges, many people have been wondering about the sources of the fundamental political shift which we have been witnessing in Israel over the past number of years.

Popular questions are: what happened to Israel’s left wing parties, and what are the origins of the rise new right wing parties, such as Yisrael Beitenu, headed by Avigdor Lieberman?

The article below is one of the best I have seen on these topics. I wanted to share it with you.


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Posted on : Aug 07 2011
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The Henpecked Iranian Civil Servant?

If government plans are approved, 20% of Iranian civil servants will start working from home.

Will they be welcomed at home or henpecked? Does this mean that they no longer have an excuse not to help their wives?

Should we expect to see the Iranian civil servant cover version of Queen’s I want to Break Free within a year or two?  🙂

The article below tries to explore this interesting topic.


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Posted on : Aug 01 2011
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