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Happy Nowruz

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

The Persian new year is upon us. Today millions of Iranians, Tajiks, Kurds and Afghans celebrate the new year with close friends and family. Over the next few days, millions will either be on holiday, or visiting friends and family to wish them Happy Nowruz.

To all those who celebrate Nowruz, please allow me to wish you a wonderful new year ahead. I hope 1390 will be a year of health and happiness. I wish the people of Iran whatever they wish for.

I just want them to know that they are not alone and that millions of people around the world care for them and are with them, especially Israelis of Iranian origin.

The 2500 year old bond and history which the Jewish people have with Iran will never be broken

I enclose with my favorite song of the year from the Iran based band “Sasy Mankan”.

This video was filmed in Iran. These guys are truly excellent. Its OK to find yourself dancing uncontrollably. It has already happened to many of us.


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Posted on : Mar 21 2011
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