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Dangerous Liaisons? Iran, Israel and the United States

The Iranian nuclear program has proved to be a difficult conundrum to solve. Gathering international consensus to address it has not been easy, nor have imposing sanctions. As reported in the Washington Post yesterday, Chinese companies, despite UN sanctions, have been helping Iran’s nuclear and missile program.

Furthermore, some of the prominent countries who seem most concerned about the prospects of a nuclear Iran, ie US and Israel have their own domestic issues to deal with when it comes to the Middle East. This impacts their policies and actions towards Iran.

There are also Iran’s own concerns. Some are purely ideological, such as the government’s hostility towards Israel, and calls for its elimination as well support for groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah who share the Iranian government’s views. At the same time, Iran also has some genuine security concerns.

Tomorrow, USIP will be hosting a debate between Americans, Israelis and Iranians on this very matter. It will be in Washington. Details are below.Should be interesting.


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Posted on : Oct 19 2010
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